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The Global Sugar Summit 2019 is a ‘by invitation’ event for in-person attendees. As a sponsor, you’ll be guaranteed a certain number of invitations for you and your employees as well the opportunity to put forward a certain number of delegate nominations for the invitation process – allowing you to shape your networking experience.

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For the first Global Sugar Summit, Sugaronline is bringing together senior global leaders across the entire supply chain to voice their views, debates, agendas, innovations and analysis to help you to Make Your Move and address the challenges we all face in the sugar industry. We are partnering with the companies we believe will add value to this experience, who will offer the most relevant insights and analysis or networking opportunities for you.

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Join us on March 27, 2019 for access to the latest insights and analysis from top speakers around the globe, streamed live from the conference, directly to your phone or tablet, or a screen near you.

Live-stream access charges depend on your Sugaronline membership level. If you’re not a member of Sugaronline you can take out our FREE Starter plan, or choose the plan to suit you:

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